Facilitating Peer to Peer Transactions

You get a Property Based Platform that allows Peer to Peer Projects and Property Transactions with a maximum return given back to Token Holders participating in qualified high return projects.
We will build brand awareness around the promotion of these returns utilising roadshows education and workshops.

Instant Revenue - Property Platform - Crypto Mining  Roadshows - Education - Charity

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Ended Jan 2018

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Real Property Token has been developed to utilize the Blockchain to facilitate Peer to Peer Real Estate Transactions, with the additional benefit of creating immediate revenue streams in the following areas.

Peer to Peer projects with a bias towards low cost housing will be available to participants on the platform. The first projects have already been created and will be available to token holders using their tokens as soon as the Token Sale is complete and our compliance team have completed all legal and regulatory documents.

The goal of Real Property Token is to implement our innovative solutions on a global scale reducing Real Estate transaction fees whilst introducing a wider audience to properties listed on our Platform. Includes any transaction that is normally made using fiat currency such as settlement, listing, advertising, rent, legal, maintenance, management, accounting and all other business services.

We are conducting Roadshows to educate all participants in real estate transactions and will also make available workshops for the general public to share our crypto knowledge whilst at the same time building our brand. Masterclasses will be available for participants who want to learn how to profit with cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Mining
Opportunity for Token Holders to participate in Crypto Mining projects with innovative solutions for developing alternative energies creating win win opportunities for all participants.

RPT is a socially responsible company and is using blockchain technology to bring its vision to underdeveloped regions through funding and community participation.




2016 - 2017
  • Market Analysis
  • Transaction Testing
  • Peer to Peer Platform Development
  • Formation of Real Property Token
  • Token Created
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ENDS JAN 11TH 2018
  • Family & Friends
  • Pre Sale/Whitelist
    1 ETH = 20,000 RPT + Bonuses
  • Sale
    1 ETH = 20,000 RPT





  • Peer to Peer Development
  • Listing Platform
  • Crowd Decide App
  • First Property Projects




  • Roadshows
  • Workshops
  • Charity Development
  • Showcasing our platform




  • First P2P Project Listing
  • Release of RPT Wallet
  • Full Token Holder Participation
  • Final Release of P2P Platform




  • Low Cost Housing Development on the P2P Platform
  • Charity Project Completed
  • Crypto Mining Operating
  • Inaugural RPT Conference


2019 & BEYOND


  • Peer to Peer Platform Operating and Refined
  • Introduced to a Global Audience
  • Full Community Participation
  • Profitable Projects Undertaken 


Real Property Token are at the forefront of change as the world embraces Crypto.
We are facilitating Peer to Peer projects to allow 2 or many people to come together to participate in projects. Using Smart Contracts and RPT, removing the need for lawyers and bankers, you can significantly increase the rewards you can make. We are there to support you and ensure that all transactions are carried out in a safe and secure fashion.

We already have systems in place and projects ready to be undertaken. We are creating Workshops, and Meetups to learn more about RPT and Crypto. Experts in finance, property, legal who all have a passion and knowledge of the crypto environment will offer their wisdom.

We have Masterclasses for those that want to advance their knowledge even deeper. Along with our platforms that will enable all Token Holders the chance to interact and help each other, offer advice, have discussions, make decisions and find opportunities. And a Property Listing App for a global audience.

We are not going to try to compete with the larger listing companies (at the moment), we will just work alongside them. We’ve got our own ideas we believe unique to the market, which is what will set us aside from others, and supply the click through that will give us our growth.

We have developed a plan for success, one that ensures we grow at a steady pace, and then as we grow we have some awesome ideas that as Token Holders you will have the opportunity to benefit from.

You will be our support as we grow. Come along for the ride.

From the Team at RPT.


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Andrew England

Founder and CEO
Our entrepreneurial team captain has been methodically building a skill-base across a range of industries ahead of the launch of this exciting project. His experience includes a range of jobs across the finance and banking industries prior to the creation of start-up entities in the energy and technology industries. Andrew was an early adoptor in the world of cryptocurrency, dating to the earliest days of Bitcoin.

Mike England

Operations Manager
Building is a common theme in the employment history of this respected NZ businessman. After many years in the construction industry, he turned his focus to studies in law before a career in finance. He’s since channelled that experience into working helping property investors realise their dreams. This remains an area of passion after he played a pivotal role in helping his hometown of Christchurch rebuild after the devastating earthquake of 2011.

Shawn Blackburn

Compliance Manager
More than two decades working in the ultra-competitive direct sales environment of the holiday ownership industry helps make this highly credentialed manager and business owner the ideal man to head up our compliance team. His experience as a team leader and trainer in sales and marketing combined with his knowledge in the finance/lending space make him a valuable addition to our team.

Kerryn Bell-Searle

Global Tax Advisor
Spotting an opportunity in the highly competitive worlds of tax and the accompanying legislation, this passionate industry figure launched a business targeting small businesses to assist with their organisation processes, compliance and reporting requirements. She has degrees in strategic management and accounting, attained while working and raising her three children and welcomes the opportunities that RPT offers those who’ve been unable to build wealth through traditional banking channels.

Edwin Kinoti

Research Consultant
The worlds of Fintech, Blockchain and Initial Coin Offers (ICOs) are in a constant state of flux making this talented young researcher a valued addition to our team. He is at the cutting edge of these emerging technologies as a respected industry observer with a passion for helping to transform the lives of those in developing nations using these tools.

Sean Callander

Content Writer
Our primary source of content, this former sports journalist has more than three decades of experience in the media and publishing. He has authored four books and created several award winning and top-selling magazines and publications to go with an extensive list of websites. His current passion is sports data and analytics along with the applications of cryptocurrencies into the gaming and wagering industries.

Julie Martin

Administration Manager
With almost three decades of experience across a range of legal and administration roles, this diligent and competent manager brings a crucial skill set to our RPT team. With a keen eye for detail and a hands-on approach, she will ensure that our business runs smoothly and key deadlines are met while offering a vital support role to our international network of staff and management.

Damir Demirovic

This young gun is multi-lingual both in terms of the languages in which he’s proficient and the computer platforms on which he’s worked. Whether it’s building and testing software, managing data or creating programming solutions, our tech guru has amassed an impressive list of achievements in this space and welcomes the challenge of expanding his range on our exciting project.

Glenn Peters

Roadshow Manager
The task of taking the RPT message to the world will fall to this highly credentialed entrepreneur who recognises the massive potential for our technology on a global scale. He has worked in industries as diverse as power storage technology, remotely piloted aircraft, mining and resources along with marketing and property, along the way building a network of business contacts that spreads across the world.

Mark Nilson

Financial Advisor
A true all-rounder when it comes to the wealth creation and property worlds, one of Queensland’s most respected financial advisors brings a wealth of talent and understanding to the RPT line-up. He combines years of experience with some of Australia’s biggest banks and investment houses with tailored roles in paraplanning and a stint in the United States as a property facilitator.

Matthias Thies

Systems Engineer
A Masters in mechanical engineering formed the foundation for this team member to build an incredibly diverse CV of highlighted by various project management and consulting roles with international corporations in the automotive and production industries across the globe. His most recent passion has been the development of affordable, functional and relocatable yet resilient construction solutions after witnessing the Christchurch earthquakes first-hand.


Staying abreast of the latest multiple blockchain related technologies keeps this enthusiastic young entrepreneur extremely busy as he aims to stay at the forefront of the industry through his business SecureBlocks. His expertise includes Initial Coin Offers, altcoin development, smart contract development and the application of blockchain opportunities into existing businesses and industries via quality solutions and cutting edge products.

Amanda Ralph

Educational Advisor
The task of educating our audience about the exciting yet slightly mystifying world of cryptocurrency falls to this highly qualified educator. She has completed degrees in sociology, anthropology and education and continues to improve her credentials via new areas of study. Via the creation of a tailored curriculum for RPT workshops, she will be at the forefront of our cryptocurrency education process.


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